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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tag From Asiah

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the question honestly. NO lying or cheating.

Person Who Tagged: Asiah 'Adilah Zainudin

Starting Time: 10.51 am,Saturday, 02/01/2010

Name: Irfarn

Full Name: Wan Mohd Shahril Irfarn b.Wan Shamsuddin

Sibling(s): 6

Eye Colour: brown
Shoe Size: 9
Hair: Normal
Height: 169 cm maybe
What Are You Wearing Right Now: t shirt
Where Do You Live: Kuala Terengganu
Favourite Number: 3,9
Favourite Drink: Teh O Peng
Favourite Month: September of course
Favourite Breakfast: Fat Rice (Nasi lemak) hahaha


Broken A Bone: Im not in this kind of people.hohoho
Been In A Police Car: hopefully never
Fallen For A Friend: Dun remember
Fallen For A Guy/Girl In A Short Period Of Time:

Swam In The Ocean: Once
Fallen Asleep In School: Never but at college a couple of time
Broken Someone's Heart: Dun remember
Cried When Someone Died: Hurm...
Sat By The Phone All Night Waiting For Someone To Call:Yes
Saved E-Mails: No
Been Cheated On: Old story


Your Room Look Like: The tidiest that u can imagine ^_
What Is Right Beside You: My wardrobe
What Is The Last Thing You Ate: Bread


Chicken Pox: Once
sore Throat: Every year
Stitches: Once when im in stardard one
Broken Nose: Nope

--DO YOU--

Believe In Love at First Sight: No comment
like Picnics?: Not really


Did You Last Yell At?: Someone
Was The Last Person You Danced With?: Dunno how to dance
The Last Made You Smile?: All my friends at yesterday's sukan smart group event


What Are You Listening To Right Now?: Nothing
What Did You Do Today?: Woke up,laundry,breakfast
are You The Oldest?: For sure not.hahaha
Indoors or Outdoors: Both


Talk To Someone You Like?: She's far from where i am =(
Kiss Anyone?: No.Miss my mom =(
Sing?: Nope
Talk To An Ex?: Nope
Miss Someone?: Yuppi
Eat?: Yup


You Talked To On The Phone?: Nazi-Rain
Made You Cry?: No one
Went To Movies With?: Asiah
Went To The Mall With?: Ikhwan,Izzuddin,Azfar
Who Cheered You Up?: Friends


Been To Mexico?: Nope
Been To USA? : Nope


Have A Crush On Someone?: Secret
What Books Are You Reading Right Now?: Dua Sisi Umar Al-Khattab
Best Feeling In The World?: Being with my family and her
Future Kids Name?: In future.
Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?: Nope
What's Under Your Bed?: Luggage
Favourite Sports: Badminton,Soccer
Favourite Place: My hometown
Who Do You Really Hate?: Not a good habit
Do You Have A Job?: Full time student

p/s: with however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people..


No one.


AkuZ.. said...

awk yell ke spe?

IRFARN said...

someone yg pnjm moto sy smlm..

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