_Hidup Tenang Tanpa Masalah_

Monday, October 5, 2009

Remove 1 question from below and and add in personel question, make it total of 20..

1.if u could spend RM1 in 5 minute,what would u spend on?

- Pg beli cukelat sposen due,dpt 20 butir.

2. what is most favourite thing to do?

- Surf tenet,daydream,hang out

3. what kinds of news u read?

- Sport for sure,politics

4. what r u doing rite now?

-usha2 blog org,pk final exam da dkt tp stadi hampeh.

5. is there someone in ur heart rite now?

-ehem2....ad kot.hahaha

6. do u believe u can survive without money?

- like cik izzah said,no money no talk

7. do u know ur BMI??

-BMI,xpnh amik thu pn

8. what do u feel doing rite now?


9. if there's someone who u love, do u confess him/her?

- I wish i could.but.....

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged u?

-boleh dibuat kwn sudaa..

11. what is the thing that make u thing he/she is kind?

- call je tros dtg rmh

-baik kot.haha

12. what is the thing that make u think he/she is bad?

- seorg yg banyak cekadak

-xthu daaa

13. are u left-handed or right-handed?

-Right handed!

14. if u had to eat something in rest of ur life, what would it be?

-Makan nasi.ahahaha

15. if u had to choice to be rich or happy, which would u choose?

-kayakaya.macam2 blhbuat.

16. if u have a chance, which part of ur character u would like to change?

-less talk to more talk.

17. who is the people u can share ur problem with?

- noboody...huhu

18. makan or tdo??

-makan+tido.dua2 best

19. what is the one thing u love about urself..

- suke senyum.hahaha.ntah btol ke x

20.What do you want to do right now?

-baring atas katil dan tido!!!!!

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zaher said...

soln no5 tuh...bunyi cam ade je..mnarik tol...dak uniten k???

mIsS.Ladyb0sS said...

ciplaks some of my answers!!

hakcipta trpelihara aw!

IRFARN said...

zaher:ala,aku xgtau pn ko da thu..

izzah:mntk mohon maaf la ye cik izzah,aku copy paste je sokln ko.mne2 yg blh aku adjust aku adjust.klu x mmg sme ngan ko.hahaha

Bhah ohh Bhah said...

beres pakk!

zaher said...

ak tau ke ???
ko serius k minat dye??

IRFARN said...

haha.iye kot
erk.tiada yg serius melainkn serius2.hehe

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